We all had  a very enjoyable and relaxing Christmas with my family. It was a pity that John was away. The kids had heaps of fun playing in the pool and on the trampoline. With the help of my family we had some beautiful decorations and fantastic food. Enjoy the pics.
John and I were very lucky to be given some beautiful art work made by my talent mum Denise Pepper. They are a set of four glass pieces called Pressed Memories. They are handmade glass impressions of old fashioned pressed tin from old heritage homes. We love the pieces.  I you ever get a chance goggle Denise Pepper and check out her fantastic work.

It was Brays birthday weekend. So Nicole and I decided another camping trip was in order. We told the boys that we wanted to take the canoes and decided  Wellie Dam was the the place to go since it had recently overflowed. Nic invited some friends Rick and Sharna along with their four kids. We also had Chappy and Sara along with her two boys. The weekend turned out to be a typical camping trip surrounded by awesome people, lots of great food and heaps of fun. All the kids were great and had a ball. The blow up boats kept the big and little kids entertained for hours. Wish I could do it every weekend. Enjoy the photos.
Introducing my cute little nephew Nicholas John Geller. I am looking forward to taking more photos of him.

A lovely day in the park with Nannie, Poppie, Aunty Tika, Peppa-lee and Joma.

peel zoo



Today we went to Peel Zoo with Aunty Tika, Peppa-lee and Joma. We confirmed that Peppa-lee does not like animals. The whole experience was traumatic for her. Tyler loved the birds and tried to catch them. While Bray liked the kangaroos and Joma loved the sheep although the ram did not like him. It rammed him up into the air.
Had a great day at Harvey dam with Nichole, Deegan, and Leia. The kids really enjoyed exploring. Wish I had taken more photos but I am still learning how to use the camera.
Vroom Vroom!
Our new toy. Cant wait until it arrives.
I always love going camping and this weekend I was lucky enough to take my beautiful niece Peppa-lee with us out to Lightning Ridge. She had a fantastic time playing with the other kids. There was a great group of people there with us too which made it all the more enjoyable. Camping without our besties the Corby's and Jack would not be the same. Chappy, Sarah and Issack came along too and added to the fun. John decided to take the kids buggy and Tylers quad for big and little kids to enjoy. Both the Corby boys were very entertaining and rolled the buggy. Luckily no one was hurt though. There was lots of scrumptious food and jolly laughs to fill our belly. Enjoy some of the pictures I took. I am still trying to work out the setting on the camera and resisted the urge to use automatic even though that meant I did not take as many shots as I wanted.