I always love going camping and this weekend I was lucky enough to take my beautiful niece Peppa-lee with us out to Lightning Ridge. She had a fantastic time playing with the other kids. There was a great group of people there with us too which made it all the more enjoyable. Camping without our besties the Corby's and Jack would not be the same. Chappy, Sarah and Issack came along too and added to the fun. John decided to take the kids buggy and Tylers quad for big and little kids to enjoy. Both the Corby boys were very entertaining and rolled the buggy. Luckily no one was hurt though. There was lots of scrumptious food and jolly laughs to fill our belly. Enjoy some of the pictures I took. I am still trying to work out the setting on the camera and resisted the urge to use automatic even though that meant I did not take as many shots as I wanted.


08/28/2013 6:50am

What a wonderful weekend, it looked like a truly magical place to unwind with friends and family. Natures gift x

08/28/2013 11:44pm

who is the old man next to keith ???

05/01/2016 4:11am

I enjoy the way you have presented this great information.have a wonderful time.

05/16/2016 6:47am

This is the story of a person who love to go in camping so they plan in this weakened with the lightening camp in night. All the friends are love to being here. The camping activity without your best friends and family is incomplete so must remember them.


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